Neonpoint is a producer of wide-ranging and high quality illuminated signage and a provider of image building services. We are one of the biggest operators in Finland in our business field.

We serve our customers in large visual image changing –projects, in business image maintenance and also in smaller-scale single tasks comprehensively throughout Finland. Through our extensive partner network we can cover our customers needs also abroad.

Our product rangecovers all sign products, window foils, sunshades and a variety of different campaign products, as well as led-displays and giant led-screens. In our products we have invested in high quality production with modern equipment and especially in developing led-technique. Lighting is mostly realized by energy saving power leds.

We cover most common services, from designing and project management to permit-applications.

Our premises are situated in Vantaa and Kangasala. Our factory is located in Kangasala, near Tampere which ensures good logistical connections and effectiveness in the contracting we carry out in whole Finland. Apart from our own personnel of 20 people we employ a wide range of carefully selected professionals for example in our mounting subcontractor companies throughout the country.

Our mission

With reliable performance our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our Customers.

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